What is Homestay?

A homestay is the ideal accommodation option for overseas students that just arrived in Australia. It offers the student a unique opportunity to experience the Australian way of life and practice the English language on a daily basis. By living with an Australian family, students will also have the chance to learn the family’s values, interacting with people of different ages and sharing their culture and interests. Further more, students have the chance to build bonds of friendship with their host family. Australia is a multicultural country; therefore, it is important to remember that you could be placed with a family from a different cultural or ethnic background.

A homestay also offers peace of mind to students, as they don’t need to worry about finding accommodation as soon as they arrive in Australia. Besides, a homestay provides students with comfortable accommodation, the convenience of having their meals prepared for them, a comfortable private bedroom, and bathroom facilities. Staying with a host family can be quite convenient, particularly for those who are used to living with their parents. With a homestay, students will find a safe, friendly environment that will help smooth the transition to living in a new country.