I have been Hosting overseas Students for over 6 years and have had a lot of Students stay at my home for long and short stay. My favorite Students are from Homestay Plus. The Students have all been Wonderful to have in my home. The experience has been amazing and we love each and every Student. We enjoy socialising and sharing their experiences with them. We always ensure that we make our Students feel comfortable and welcome in our home. The feedback is awesome and we are so happy that their experience in our home has been a good one. The letters and verbal feedback is the testimony of their appreciation and respect they have for my family. My family enjoy hosting the Students and love to learn about other different Cultures. A very special Thank you to all the Staff at Homestay Plus who are so helpful and Im always sure that their Students are Wonderful. My family highly recommend Homestay Plus to other families who wish to Host Students.

Josephine and Phillip

We decided to become a Host Family early in 2008. One of the mums from my children’s school, who hosts students, was always at me to do something with our spare room and she said we would love it.... and she was right.... we do!! I was nervous at first as we are a busy family of 5 with a dog, but our students seem very happy with our active family. My husband, Craig, loves to cook and I love to talk so the combination seems to work quite well! When I was approached by Homestay Plus a few years ago to come on board, I was happy to give them a try. This has turned out to be the best decision I could make as every experience I have had with them has been absolutely wonderful. I want our students to feel like they are at home when they stay with us.... the same way I would like my children to feel if they were with a host family overseas.

Linda and Craig