International students aged under 18 must have suitable accommodation and welfare arrangements while they are studying in Australia.
Options include:
• Living with parents or relatives approved by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)
• Living with parent-nominated homestay accommodation, distant relatives or close family friends approved by DEC International
• Living in homestay accommodation arranged by DEC International

The guardian / carer is responsible for:

• maintaining regular contact with the student and liaising with the school, homestay host and parents;
• ensuring the student has a minimum of 80% school attendance (in line with student visa regulations);
• notifying us, the school coordinator and DIAC in writing of any changes in address or living arrangements within seven days. If the student is under 18 and we approve the accommodation and welfare arrangements, then written approval must be obtained prior to the change of arrangement;
• contacting the parents and school coordinator in case of an accident, serious illness or medical emergency;
• assisting the student to seek necessary medical attention and obtain proper medical certificates in case of absence from school;
• informing the parents promptly in the event of any problems;
• contacting the school coordinator requesting leave for the student for any appointments, specifying the dates and times of their absence;
• liaising with the school coordinator concerning behaviour, conduct or any issues that may affect the student's progress;
• attending school meetings deemed necessary by the principal, on behalf of the parents;
• assisting the student to abide by school and visa requirements;
• taking responsibility for the student's welfare and supervision outside school hours.

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